About the Bakery In late 2011 when Kevin and Emily were out to dinner at Union Street Tavern celebrating Kevin’s birthday after Emily’s return from Antarctica, they started to toss around the idea of opening a bakery in the ice cream shop that was attached to the Tavern. Quickly realizing that the space was too small and there would be too many limitations (like sharing a kitchen with the tavern and figuring out how to keep all the ingredients separated), they looked at the space inside 25 Central Street – The antiques Auction House. They were warned off by almost everyone in town because two other bakeries didn’t make it in that location due to it being off the main road. Luckily they had amazing support from family and friends and they trudged forward armed with old family recipes and some recipes that Emily had made while she was working at McMurdo Station. When asked what would set them apart, they answered frankly “we will make everything fresh and from scratch.” They knew that the move was being made to know where your food comes from, and that was the goal from the moment the decision was made to open the bakery. Emily grew up in Windsor and traveled all over the world and really felt that there was a need in town for a bakery and café that was open to letting people come in and hang out without feeling hurried along in their lives. Over the years we have seen many friendships form from families coming in with their children and now the children are growing up together, this is an amazing thing to watch. Our biggest joy, other than creating great food for everyone, is watching our customer’s interactions with each other. People that you didn’t know knew each other are now meeting up once a week for a cup of coffee and a muffin. { }
GET BAKED . 25 central street . windsor, ct . 860.688.0420 www.getbakedct.com